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Setting out from the San Vittore church at Mese, we head into the via Cappella Grande, running alongside the important hydroelectric power station. Keeping to the right, the road begins to climb a little in the via Madonna della Grazie, and continues in via Motto. After about 250 metres shift right towards Albareda at around 5 km from the start. Once at Albareda and the church of San Antonio, it’s time for a break: there’s a handy fountain and a refreshment point with with benches and tables to have a snack and take a breather, enjoying the wondrous view to the East of Pizzo di Prata (il Pizzone) and southwards you can follow the development of Valchiavenna all the way down to Lake Novate with the peak of Mount Legnone up above.
Back on the road we continue to climb for a further couple of km and as we stick to the left towards Calones the chestnut woods begin to open out and we make Prat Morello on the mound of Cipolino at 1140m. On the left sits a little chapel, where there’s another spot for a pause and refreshments. We’re at the centre of three valleys here and we can appreciate them in all their magnificence.
From here we begin to descend, retracing the path for around 800m at the first left turn. The road climbs briefly and the surface changes from asphalt becoming a path with a decent base, we move down passing through a cluster of baite, typical mountain huts to take the path on the left. We’re around half-way up the valley side (at 1000m) where we meander gently into woodland. Passing through Teccial we note further baite and move down to the right where a fountain beckons and the way continues down and widens. Further down a sign indicates the whereabouts of the Church of Sommarovina, well worth a look and from where we can admire Valbregaglia stretching away to the East. Take in the peak of Pizzo Badile (3305m), the dam at Villa di Chiavenna, the Acqua Fraggia waterfalls at Prosto, and have a very particular aerial view of Chiavenna itself at the centre of the three valleys. Going back down there are any number of natural waterfalls to admire. From Sommarovina, the road is one of asphalt once more as far as San Giacomo Filippo, where a left turn is recommended to get to the sanctuary of San Guglielmo. Moving on we cross the new cycle/pedestrian bridge which takes us back to the main SS36 which we follow for around a km heading south towards Chiavenna. Once through San Giacomo Filippo, follow the via Spluga and at the first junction head left for the Tibetan bridge. From here Chiavenna awaits. Perfect both for those with athletic training aboard their regular bike, or for those who prefer to get about on a pedal-assisted partner.



difficulty 2/4
PERIOD From March to November
TERRAIN asphalt, pathway



Percorsi ciclabili in Valchiavenna e a Madesimo