Luxuriant nature, cultural heritage of extraordinary value and evocative landscapes. This is Valchiavenna, a land of magical sensations, situated between the Rhaetian and Lepontine Alps, just a breath away from Lake Como, a step away from the famous tourist resorts of Madesimo and St. Moritz and crossroads between the Spluga and Maloja passes. It starts where the Mera water flows into the Lario. His heterogeneous landscapes show the eyes of those who observe them a living and intact nature. Protected by mountains that mark the watershed between the North Sea basin and the Mediterranean, it is the direct route to the Nordic countries. It is home to rare natural beauties: the Marmitte dei Giganti, carved into the rock by prehistoric glaciers, splendid waterfalls, such as the Acqua Fraggia, which inspired Leonardo and which defined these rugged and bear-infested mountains, and the fortress of Paradise, now a botanical park . Valchiavenna also preserves precious historical evidence. Thanks to the culture and morphology of its territory, it is possible to experience numerous activities that can enrich the traveler's knowledge. The bicycle is certainly the ideal way to discover its historical, artistic and naturalistic heritage. Routes suitable for everyone: from the ideal mild for families, to the many routes that allow you to reach suggestive villages. For cycling enthusiasts in Valchiavenna you can cover over 300 km of mountain bike and road tracks with mixed dirt and asphalt tracks. From the lower valley to the upper Spluga valley, there are many itineraries: simple, thrilling, panoramic and relaxing. All to discover a territory rich in nuances. The Valchiavenna proposes a cuisine made of genuine, substantial and sober dishes to be tasted even in the typical crotti. High quality products, fruit of tradition, inextricably linked to the particular climatic conditions: the brĂ­saola, which was born here, the dry meat violin, historic Slow Food presidium, the alpine cheeses and the typical desserts.


Percorsi ciclabili in Valchiavenna e a Madesimo